This is the MicroInterns' presentation from the 140conf NYC in 2011.

Here is our 2010 presentation from the 140 Character Conference in NYC. Our talk was about our Twitter/Animal Farm project. 
If you want to buy the book check out:

Here are some links to the media coverage we received for the project:

 This video demonstrates that it isn't hard to get students excited about something if you present it in the right way. They don't care what they learn, they just care how they are taught. In other words, "It's not the WHAT, it's the HOW":

See how our 3rd graders used Twitter and BrainPop to learn about the solar system in our first "Twitterview"
 This is a short video about our GreenBridge Project. The GreenBridge project is a global collaboration with schools in Oman and Pakistan based around researching alternative energy and saving the environment:

YouTube Video

Here is a GREAT article for teachers or parents to read about how technology will shape our kids in the 21st century:

Digital Natives in Tomorrow's Classroom