Digital Math Textbook

This year we collaborated with another 6th grade class in Nassau County to create a digital math textbook. Students were assigned a math problem and communicated asynchronously using Edmodo. They each decided on different roles to play.

Some students were responsible to making and uploading the slides, some students were responsible for writing a detailed script explaining how to solve the problem and some students were responsible for recording the solution and annotating the slides on Voicethread. Here is their finished product:

The sixth grade interviewed Clay Shirky about crowdsourcing on a live webcast. as part of our Understanding Crowds Project. To see the video invitation, click here: Gumballs


This is a short video for a game that is currently in development called "Village the Game." The creator is a man named Darian Hickman. We recently interviewed Mr. Hickman for an SSPJ Tech Podcast. Check the Podcast Page to listen. To learn more about Village the Game, check out the promo: