About Me

I am an Instructional Designer at Hofstra University.

I like to speak about technology and global education at #140confs and IgniteNYC. I help teachers redesign traditional lessons by integrating technology into their classrooms.

In a previous life I was
 Director of Technology at a K-8 school in Long Island. I was both technology teacher for every grade and the building's IT Director. I have also served as a Physical Education teacher and a football coach. I used to play and coach semi-pro football in Norway, Denmark and France.


I'm married.
I like stuff.

Here are examples of the stuff I like:

Social media, group psychology, memes, meetups, history, design, the science of very small or very big things, education, couches, pecking orders, non-fiction, caffeine, market systems, superorganisms, toast, Twitter, games, ego, political science, evolution, mint chocolate chip, urban planning, selflessness, DIY culture, Instagram, meaning, kids, pop culture, sports, identity, tribes, grapefruits, cities, New York, language.

Here is a partial list of things I am still deciding if I like or not:

Sci-Fi, user-generated content, Diigo, Foursquare, coffee ice-cream, fiction, Google Chrome, ubuntu, exercise, blip.fm, Pinterest, broccoli raab.

Things I am sure that don't like:

Intense pain, being robbed, yellow clothing, being sad, genocide, people who drive yellow hummers, ginger.