Our MicroInternship Program is a way to expose students to the dynamic 21st century New York tech-startup ecosystem. Students are embedded with different tech-startups for a day to work as interns giving feedback, writing blog posts, creating content and learning from entrepreneurs. See the articles below for more information:


The MicroInterns worked on building their own startups at the summer Workshops at New Work City. 

140 Characters Conference
NYC 2011  

The Cupcake Adventure Video

Here is a video of our experience at TechStars. 
It was filmed by the students, 
edited by the students 
produced by Casey Neistat and Oscar Boyson:

The MicroInterns work at Yodle

The MicroInterns work at TechStars NYC


"We loved having the MicroInterns visit us! It's so important to understand the perspective of young minds. It was great."

~Reece Pacheco,
CEO Shelby.tv
"I can't speak highly enough about the MicroInterns program. It's an incredible way to foster entrepreneurship among a group of exceptionally motivated and inquisitive students. I can't wait to see what they go on to do in years to come!"
Caren Maio, CEO of Nestio
 "It was a pleasure having the MicroInterns spend a day at Techstars.  The students were inquisitive and came prepared with great questions for the teams.  Our MicroIntern did an awesome job of helping with research and providing valuable feedback on our product.  I would be thrilled to have George and the students back anytime!"

~Quinten Farmer, Associate Techstars NYC
"The MicroInterns program is something every school should offer. Opportunities for real world experiences like this is the best way to foster an internal motivation to WANT to learn more."

~Tom Krieglstein, Founder of Red Rover

Dance Floor Theory with the MicroInterns from Red Rover on Vimeo.

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