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About "Virtual Podcast Interviews"

These Podcast are the product of many hours of hard work from the SSPJ family. Students worked very closely with Mr. Haines on this project and the results speak for themselves.

We used Audacity to edit the podcasts and export them as mp3 or Ogg Vorbis files.

The interviews are not conducted in real time, and our students have never actually met the interviewees. Questions were e-mailed to our guests, they recorded their answers and we edited in the students' questions later.

Anyone interested in being a guest, please contact Mr. Haines:



Interview with Douglas Rushkoff about the concepts
in his new book "Program or be Programmed"

Here is our 5th grade chatting with Summer Bedard about gamification.
(note: The beginning and a small portion in the middle are cut.)

Listen to the mashup of Columbia Dean of Student Affairs and Journalism Professor, Dr. Sree Sreenivasan and Rana June, the world's first iPad DJ:

Dr. Sreenivasan video chatted with our 7th grade bloggers about how to write interesting posts using blogging as a platform. For the full interview, listen here:

Click on the link below to hear our 6th graders' interview Jeff Howe:

To learn more about Jeff Howe, visit his wikipedia page:

Jeff Howe

Here is a link to our 1st graders' podcasts.  The students created the podcasts by themselves and discussed what made them feel thankful:

1st Grade podcasts

Here is a list of our Virtual Podcast Interviews:

Listen to Patrick interview Parag Khanna:

 To learn more about Parag Khanna, visit:



Listen to Erin interview Dr. Henry Jenkins:

For more information about Dr. Henry Jenkins, check out his website:




Listen to Alanna interview Darian Hickman:



To learn more about Darian Hickman, or his project "Village the Game" visit this website:



Listen to James interview Mark Yim:



To learn more about Dr. Yim and his work, visit: Robotics.Stanford.edu



 Click on the link below to listen to Tiana interview Richard Stallman:

NOTE: This podcast was recorded in Ogg Vorbis format. To listen to the interview, you may need to visit this site and download a free player http://www.vorbis.com/setup_windows/


Tiana Interviews Dr. Richard Stallman

To learn more about Richard Stallman or the Free Software movement, visit:



Listen to Mary Elizabeth interview Rushton Hurley:


To learn more about Mr. Hurley or nextvista.org visit: